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Vamsi Polimetla

After 23 years of being in the corporate IT world, I’ve taken my own leap of faith for the sake of growth. Over 3 years ago, I started Make More Leaders. My mission is simple, to help people reach their fullest potential by showing them greater opportunities and re-igniting their passion. Since I started Make More Leaders, I’ve helped hundreds of others communicate better, get unstuck, and find true freedom. This is my life’s mission. This is my purpose: to help you win.

"I have become a new man, a new leader. I have confidence, self-esteem, and energy like I have never possessed. You are such a great teacher and your honesty, sincerity, and passion show in your lessons. I have finally found the leadership mentor I’ve been looking for. I truly believe you’re ahead of your time."

Anand Soundhararajan
API Dev Manager at Footlocker



Online Courses

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The F.A.S.T Program

It’s so easy to get stuck in an okay life. Real change is often uncomfortable. So, we end up just staying in our bubble and not pursuing the things we truly love. This is called the Plateau Effect – when you’re not really growing, nor are you on a downhill spiral.

Your Business Launch Pad

Monetizing your passion into a sustainable business venture is the penultimate dream. But pivoting from the corporate world and starting your own thought leadership business is a grueling and tedious process. It’s not easy trying to figure it all out on your own: from creating a bullet business plan to treading the world of online marketing.


Communication Accelerator

Having been in tech and business for over 2 decades, I’ve seen so many struggle with communication. It’s easy to get lost in all the codes and spreadsheets. You just sit in front of your computer the whole day and not bother talking to people. But if you want to advance in your career, you need to learn how to communicate better.

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